TekSavvy is carefully monitoring the 英属哥伦比亚 flooding state of emergency. 以确保澳门十大赌厅app下载的客户连接, TekSavvy is waiving any overage charges for data use for our BC customers until Dec 31, 2021. Our team is here to help through self-serve in the MySavvy customer portal, or by phone at 1-.

TekSavvy is carefully monitoring the 英属哥伦比亚 flooding state of emergency.  了解更多



电视在这里,这是十大网博靠谱平台. 以一种好的方式.

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重要的是: TekSavvy TV is exclusive to residential TekSavvy 互联网 customers with a minimum download speed of 15Mbps or higher. Below is a list of authorized devices that TekSavvy TV will currently work with.





  • 访问视频点播 渠道
  • 回头看 & 重启直播电视 渠道
  • 访问 电视——去
包括访问 电视活跃的应用
使用TekSavvy TV Basic, you'll be able to watch over 40 channels and choose from plenty of add-ons to personalize your TV experience!
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从TekSavvy TV开始

$20 00

TekSavvy TV’s Video on Demand service allows subscribers to watch their favourite shows and movies any time they want! Binge out to a new series, get caught up on the episodes you missed. 电视占用了你的时间.

回头看 & 重启直播电视-橡树岛的诅咒
回头看 & 重启直播电视

错过一个节目的开始或一场必看的比赛? 使用Restart来捕获您从一开始漏掉的内容. Use 回头看 to go back up to 72 hours in the programming guide & 观看之前播放过的节目.


超过10个GO应用程序可供用户使用, 包括听去, 体育net Now和Global GO, TekSavvy TV的用户可以观看比赛, 他们最喜欢的节目或电影,无论他们在哪里.



Teksavvy TV offers on the GO access to watch select channels from your phone, 平板电脑, PC或笔记本电脑基于您的订阅. 不另收费!



可用: .

请注意: 以便观看这些频道的内容, you must be subscribed to that channel with your TekSavvy TV service.


TekSavvy's Cloud PVR lets you record the shows and movies that you just can't miss and watch them on your time across all of your authenticated devices. Choose the storage size that works best for you starting at just $10/month for 50 hours of recording time.

澳门十大赌厅app下载设备 & 系统需求
TekSavvy TV Android Box
  • 访问 your favourite and most popular apps including Youtube, Disney+, Crave, MLB.电视,还有更多!
  • Includes a full remote control (with number and direction pad) AC power adapter, 2节AAA电池和HDMI线
  • HD 1080P resolution + 4K ready for the next generation of video playback
  • HDMI输出+ SD卡插槽+ USB 2接口
  • Please Note: The TekSavvy TV DV8219 set-top-box currently does NOT support Netflix
TekSavvy TV -建议使用亚马逊设备
  • 亚马逊Fire Stick 4K
  • Fire TV Stick (Gen 2+)
  • Fire TV Edition 4K + HD
  • 火电视多维数据集
  • 东芝 & 徽章电视-火电视版
  • TCL Alto 8+ 2.1声吧-消防电视版
TekSavvy TV -建议使用苹果设备
  • 可在运行tvOS 9的苹果电视版本4或更高版本上使用.0或更高
i电话 & iPad
  • 适用于运行iOS 10的设备.3或更高
TekSavvy TV -建议使用Android设备
  • 小米小米盒子3
  • 英伟达盾
  • Chromecast与谷歌电视
安卓手机 & 平板电脑
  • Available on Android mobile devices running version 5 or higher
TekSavvy TV -谷歌Chromecast
  • 在任何谷歌Chromecast设备上可用

无论你喜欢什么,TekSavvy TV都会为你报道.

超过125个高清频道可供选择, 在12个十大网博靠谱平台主题包, no matter what you love to watch TekSavvy TV has it covered. From 体育net, to HBO Canada, to Cartoon Network, and AMC. 有了TekSavvy TV,你一定能找到你最喜欢的.


TekSavvy TV can support up to 6 devices watching live TV in the same household. However, subscribers can only watch the same channel at the same time on 2 devices. This restriction is due the content rights that the programmers pass on to TekSavvy and other cable & 卫星电视十大网博靠谱平台.

We’re working very hard to add more devices to the list of available devices to watch TekSavvy TV on. 继续查看teksavvy.Com查看你的设备何时被添加到列表中.

TekSavvy TV has plans to offer services across the country so that any TekSavvy internet customers can order and enjoy TekSavvy TV. More and more cities, towns and regions are going to be live by the end of 2021. 继续查看teksavvy.澳门十大赌厅app下载你的社区什么时候可以得到TekSavvy TV.

一旦你有了TekSavvy TV Basic或La Base, you can then add the channels that you want in several different ways. Currently we do not offer the ability for customers to subscribe to one individual channel but are working to make this option available in 2021. 请回到TekSavvy.Com查看该功能何时可用.

错过了你最喜欢的节目的最新一集? Watch the episode the next day on the channels applicable GO app at your convenience. 不要再错过任何一集!

GO apps are additional apps that can be downloaded and used separately from the TekSavvy TV app by simply logging in to them with your TekSavvy TV credentials. There is no additional charge to use GO apps and they can be downloaded to your phone, 平板电脑, 或者选择PC和游戏机等设备.

GO apps allow you to watch both live and On Demand content from select TV channels. You can learn more about the available GO apps and content they offer by clicking on channels or packages above.

请注意: 以便观看这些频道的内容, you must be subscribed to that channel with your TekSavvy TV service. 例如, 然而,CTV GO应用程序提供来自MTV的内容, if you are not subscribed to MTV with your TekSavvy TV service, you will not have access to the MTV content in the CTV GO app.


  • Download the applicable GO app you would like to use (CTV, Global, Crave, etc.)
  • Follow the prompts in the GO app to sign in using your TV provider and choose TekSavvy (some GO apps may require you to visit an external website to sign in)
  • You will then be asked to login using your TekSavvy TV credentials (these are the same credentials used when logging into the TekSavvy TV app)